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Read Magazines on Ipad, Android, PC

The technology to read digital versions of magazines on PCs has been there for a long time. But it didn’t quite become a popular until the advent of handheld devices. Thanks to devices like Ipad, Kindle and Android, digital magazines are becoming popular again. Yes, there is an app for it is a newly […] Read full post..

Audio Books for UK listeners

We are happy to launch our sister site to help our UK based audio book lovers. Currently there are over 50,000 audio books to browse from. Readers can download a free audiobook from the Audible UK and try their service free for 14 days. Hope our UK audiobook listeners will find the site helpful. […] Read full post.. App for Android now has an app (still in beta) to play and listen to audio books on android phones. The process is simple enough. Purchase an audio book first from the audible website. Then using the app on your android phone sign in to The audio book will show up in your list of […] Read full post..

Free eBooks at Kobo

Kobo is a global eBook retailer backed by Indigo Books & Music (Canada), Borders (US). We believe consumers should be able to read any book, anytime, anywhere, and on the device of their choice. Kobo offers a global e-reading service for smartphones, desktops, e-readers and any other device consumers use for reading. Kobo’s vision is […] Read full post..